The Coliseum Austin



Welcome to The Coliseum Austin!

From the masterminds behind the popular FarWest Dallas, OK Corral Dallas, Ft. Worth and Medusa Dallas, The Coliseum now brings you the finest entertainment and live music in the city of Austin!

As the most exquisite venue in the heart of Austin, this space includes an ample dance floor, 5 bars, and a mass amount of booths situated all throughout the club to provide you a complete view of the stage. This venue will feature some of the greatest Latin, R&B, Country and mainstream recording artists weekly. Some of the artist that have embraced our stage have been salsa all-start Oscar DeLeon, American Idol winner Fantasia, One Twelve, and reggaeton artist Don Omar. Aside from hosting these artists, The Coliseum also offers premium entertainment. Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights will have some of the most electrifying music for all fanatics hosted by some of the best DJs in town.

The Coliseum undeniably brings a fresh and new concept to Austin nightlife. This is one spot you cannot pass up. Make The Coliseum your home and get ready to enjoy the night!

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